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The name of the mouton coat comes from the French 'mouton', which translates to sheepskin, sheep. It is a finely processed sheepskin that is resistant to any weather conditions. It is good in sleet, biting wind and rain.  Mouton coats are easy to wear and take care of.

Mouton fur specialties

The sheepskins for making mouton clothes are imported from abroad, mainly from Australia and New Zealand. Untreated sheepskin have unmarketable appearance so before using them in production, they must be subjected to special treatment. The highest-quality mouton is produced in Russia, where sheepskin are processed beforehand, so literally every villus is preserved. This makes it resistant to both changeable weather conditions and mechanical stress.

Heat-saving properties of mouton are almost as good as of fox fur, and its wearability it is only slightly inferior as of mink. Modern technologies let designers make mouton coats of any color. Without damaging the fur, it can be decorated with an elegant ornament or gradient pattern.

Apart from remarkable appearance, mouton pleases its admirers with affordability, it is quite inexpensive. Another attractive property of mouton is that the fur is extremely plastic. This quality opens up unlimited possibilities for designers when choosing styles and tailoring techniques when making fur coats

Every year designers discover new combinations, combine with mouton with sable, mink, arctic fox, fox, using it as a base element, and even experimenting using it to create different garments, such as jackets. Mouton coats are extremely diverse i thanks to Russian and Italian designers.

Visit our ELENA FURS website to choose a mouton coat that you like. Our catalog has a variety of mouton coats in various styles. You will be able to find coats with hoods and collars, classical and close-fitting styles, models  in one or multiple colors.