Dear customer!

We are grateful for your choice of garments by ELENA FURS and offer you to become acquainted with the document stating warranty terms and conditions which are available in our stores. However, we hope that you will never have to resort to them.

Warranty service

It is a term during which the distributor must provide free maintenance of the garment and remove all the defects.  .

Warranty service is available for all the goods and lasts 2 years since the moment it was purchased by the customer.

We guarantee you the following warranty service

For fur coats:

Sew on a button

Replace / set / remove hooks, anverses, decorative buttons Rubber buttonhole

Replace / set / remove hooks, anverses, decorative buttons

Set / remove folds on the waist (if it is provided for by the design)

Set / remove folds on the sleeves (if it is provided for by the design)

Steam a fur garment

Set / change accessories (button, zipper, eyelet)

Set / change simple accessories (to stitch up a seam of up to 3 cm)

Repair of average complexity (to stitch up a seam from 3 to 10 см)

Complicated repair (to stitch up seam larger than 10 cm)

Replace a buttonhole

Remove manufacturing defects

Set / reset / remove belt loop

Set / remove / reset a hook on the hood

Shorten up the sleeves

For hats:



It is a period of time stated by an agreement or law during which, in case of finding defects, the producer, distributor, enterprise, an individual or an importer must meet the requirements of the consumer which are stated in the Protection of consumer’s law.

The distributer is responsible for all goods deficiencies that appeared before the moment of purchase. The distributor is not responsible for deficiencies which are excluded in the sales agreement and for the deficiencies that appear to be consumer-caused. Warranty term depends on the type of an item.

Warranty counts down from the day the article has been purchased, if this is not specified in the agreement.

Warranty and service duration for seasonal articles (footwear, clothes, etc.) count down from the moment of the corresponding law coming into action, which is defined by the subject of the Russian Federation based on the climatic conditions of the region where the purchase was made.


Warranty service

Fur coats and fur jackets

6 months

Textile coats, children’s garments, accessories, hats

1 month

Defected items can be returned starting from the day of purchase till expiration date of warranty. The distributor must take the item and monitor its quality. The customer has a right to participate in the monitoring process. In case of dispute between the parties about the causes of defects, the distributor has to carry out an expertise at his own expense. If the expertise proves that the defects have been caused by the circumstances not depending on the distributor, the customer has to reimburse the expertise, storage and transportation expenses related to the expertise process.

Warranty doesn’t apply in the following cases:

  • Use conditions have been violated.

  • The item has traces of unprofessional repair.

  • Changes to the design and accessories in question have been done by the customer.