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Silver fox got its name for the color of its fur, though its closest relative is the red fox. Fox fur is a symbol of wisdom. Silver fox can be grayish black, brownish grey but it is never red. Silver fox fur is valued for its colossally voluminous fur the color of which alternates from char black to ashy white. The dense underfur creates a warm lower layer; while long guard hairs, as if white arrows, add even a greater touch of beauty. This fur is as warm as sable or sheepskin, so don’t even hesitate to buy a silver fox fur coat and make sure you do it right before the harshest cold days.

Special features of silver fox fur

Silver fox fur is full and warm. As for its durability, it stands alongside with sheepskin and mouton. Its guard hair which resembles black arrows with a white head is not deleted by the fur dressers. For instance, beaver guard hair is plucked since it is too thick and not neatly-looking, only the soft and smooth underfur is of value. Fox fur, in its turn, is never sheared. It is valued for its unusual color and fluffiness which is created thanks to a big difference in the length of the guard hair and the underfur.

In order to accentuate the contrast of white and black, pelts are sawed together with the help of a special technique. Layers of white tips partially cover dark layers what allows us to make the cut even more unusual. Designers can construct patterns by creating geometric figures and making the silhouette slimmer what makes a fur coat even more spectacular. A silver fox fur coat manufactured in this technique doesn’t look too voluminous.

If a fur coat is designed as a crosscut, it consists of wide stripes. Designers choose fur in such a way that parts between the patches are dark while most of the stripe is lighter. This creates an illusion of even fluffier and more airy fur. To select pelts according to the tint needed and find a way how to connect them is a very laborious task of a particular person or even a team in the factory. Even the short silver fox fur coat of a cross cut will look spectacular.

The third variant of a cut for a silver fox fur coat is dissolution. In order to make fur look as a whole piece with only natural patterns visible, pelts are cut into narrow stripes with the width of about 2 cm and then sewn together again but this time the seams won’t be noticeable. Each technique is used with a particular design which can be manufactured only with the help of a special cut. The range of designs can be found on our site.