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An arctic fox fur coat is a must in the spring/autumn wardrobe of every woman. Its light, soft and fluffy fur is a big trend. Arctic fox fur vests have been at the peak of their popularity for several seasons already. If you haven’t bought an arctic fox fur coat yet, we are offering you a wide range of the brightest and richest colors.

The arctic fox can be found at all the northern and middle altitudes. Its characteristics vary from country to country. The specialists from ELENA FURS buy the fur of the arctic fox at the Finnish auction ‘Saga Furs’. The Norwegian fur is denser than of the Russian arctic fox. It has thicker underfur and longer guard hair. That makes fur look homogeneous and splendid. The fur coats made of the Norwegian arctic fox look spectacular!

The most popular design of arctic fox garments is a crosscut. Dense fur adds volume to the silhouette but the pattern of the alternating elements conceals this drawback. Our factories produce arctic fox fur coats according to this technique. The crosscut vests made of arctic fox fur combined with the skinny trousers will accentuate your long graceful legs and make you look slimmer.

The arctic fox fur vests of the straight cut have become the most popular outer garments of our store. This is not surprising since arctic fox fur coats and vests are offered by such brands as Prada, Chanel, Fendi, etc. Stylish women know this fact and react to this trend putting on the arctic fox vests. The arctic fox outer garments can be seen both in Manhattan and the Moscow Arbat.

Designers create arctic fox fur coats of extremely bright colors including yellow, red, blue, violet, green and pink. This garment is an eye-catchy element of your wardrobe which can be easily used in different combinations with other pieces. A white short arctic fox fur coat with a dress and light low shoes will create a gentle and delicate image. The fur will softly accentuate smooth lines of your silhouette including your elegant curls and lips. By combining a long black arctic fox vest with the skinny jeans and high-heeled ankle boots, you will create a bold and stylish look. If you wear more conventional footwear such as sneakers, you will soften the look.