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A beaver fur coat will keep you warm during the cold winter, it is resistant to snow and will last for up to 15-20 years and even then it will be looking beautiful and soft. Beaver is one of the most precious furs. Beaver fur is so valuable that at some point it was used instead of money in Russia. During the reign of Ivan the Fearsome, the beaver fur coat was forbidden for people of the rank lower than the boyars. Today women tend to choose this fur coat for its practicality and beauty.

Special features of beaver fur

Beaver was used only in the manufacturing of men’s fur coats just some time ago. Beaver fur coats, hats and collars were often mentioned in the works of the Russian classical writers. Unprocessed beaver fur is heavy and firm. However, the modern technologies allow us to make it soft by plucking and shearing its sharp hairs with the help of special equipment. Therefore, beaver fur is used for both men’s and women’s comfortable and soft outerwear. The sheared beaver fur is used for the manufacturing of fur coats, manteau, short coats and hats.

The sheared and plucked fur is used in the manufacturing of a beaver fur coat today. Raw fur is rarely used.

The beaver fur coat will help you stay warm in the coldest winter. It is also resistant to the wet snow, since water is this gerbil’s habitat. Therefore, the beaver fur is more resistant to moisture than the fur of any other animal, just as otter and nutria fur. In terms of wearability, beaver fur coats are surpassed only by otter fur coats.