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Karakul fur coats have become fashionable again. A stereotype that the karakul can be worn only by old ladies has been destroyed by designers. This has been done with the help of the new fur processing technologies that and innovations in breeding. Karakul has been turned into a plastic fabric that then can be turned into a slim-waist or straight-line fur coat. The manufacturers have mastered these technologies in order to offer more original karakul fur coats to young women. Its color has also changed; the choice is not limited to black or dark grey anymore. New delicate colors and tints have appeared including golden, brownish, platinum and many others. There are no limits for artificial colors.

A karakul fur coat is very durable. If we take the wearability of the otter, the most durable type of fur, as 100%, this index for karakul will reach 60%. In its durability it surpasses marten, fox and lynx fur. Besides, the karakul accentuates the status of the owner. The best karakul specimens are among the most precious furs.

Each year our fashion designers create new designs for the karakul fur coats and combine various furs. The example of the combination of karakul with mink can be found on our site. This fur wrap, the combination of karakul and mink, is the result of a creative thought of our Italian designers. Karakul fur is extremely suitable for the manufacturing of fashionable fur coats, jackets, vests, ponchos and coats. The best couturiers go even further and sew karakul dresses. Karakul fur is thin, soft and tight to the skin. Piles are not long, therefore the karakul fur coat doesn’t make you look fat and makes your silhouette only slimmer.

History of Karakul

We got acquainted with karakul through Uzbekistan. People who used to live near the Black lake bred sheep only for the sake of their fur, the local wool was very beautiful. ‘Karakul’ is the Turk for ‘the black lake’ and this fur is still known to us under this name. Karakul is dense, flexible and silky with curls of different forms and sizes. Karakul can be easily distinguished from other types of fur, it cannot be mistaken for anything else.

How to evaluate the karakul patterns

The value of karakul is defined by the pattern that can be found on the pelt of the karakul sheep. This pattern is created by curls which are unique in its location, configuration and size. If curls create rows which make up a picture, this is the most valuable karakul. Pelt with chaotic curls are of the lowest value and cheap. The older the lamb, the longer fur it has, the less interesting curls are. That’s why the pelts of new born lambs are of the highest value. Apart from the pattern, density and shine of the fur is taken into account.

Special features of karakul

1. Flat karakul. It has lying curls of irregular shape which do nor form a circle.
2. High karakul. Its curls are perpendicular to the pelt which reminds tubes lying on the side. The more and longer these tubes are, the more valuable karakul is.

There is a wide choice of colors: golden, platinum, steel, beige, amber and black. All these colors are of natural origin. Designers admire karakul for its ability to hold shape which allows creating garments of the architectural cut. Its short and smooth pile allows us to make garments with fine silhouettes. 


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