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A astrakhan fur coat is a light and endlessly elegant piece of wardrobe. Karakulcha is sometimes mistaken for karakul but these are two different things. Кarakul is made from the pelts of new born lambs of the karakul sheep. Karakulcha is made from the pelts of prematurely born lambs of the same animal. Karakulcha is extremely thin, soft and shiny fur with moiré pattern. Since the curls haven’t formed yet, there is only slightly outlined pattern.

The more beautiful the pattern, the more valuable fur is. Karakulcha reminds velvet or Kashmir. It is not used for manufacturing of casual clothes; it is the material for the exclusive evening garments. Karakulcha may be black, grey, brown with its tints (sur). Sur is fur with irregularly dyed hairs, they are dark-brown near the root and lighter towards the ends.