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Moscow fur factory, company Elena Furs

Fur coats were not always an attribute of style and status. This was the first man's clothing, which was a necessity. Over time, this piece of clothing began to give the traditional, religious and status value. In many wedding ceremonies of cold countries attended fur coats. Especially valuable fur coats were available only to members of royal families and wearing them by commoners was severely punished. For nomads and fur traders were in kind currency. Today the fur coat has become just a beautiful and prestigious outerwear. After all, nothing can warm in winter in cold countries better than heat, taken from nature itself.
Russia is one of those cold countries. It was here that the first fur coats in their modern sense appeared. But the origin of the word "coat" is connected, oddly enough, with the south. In ancient times, the Arabs had a large fashion caftans, sheathed Russian sables and martens. This jubba garment was called. In the Russian transcription got "fur coat".
In Russia in the 17-18 centuries, only rich merchants and boyars wore fur coats. The presence of a fur coat was considered an indicator of social status and wealth. Moreover, the more fur coats, the more notable its owner. They were so worn: 2-3 pieces at once, and not only in winter. A simple man could afford, at best, a sheepskin coat or hare-skin.
Previously, it was decided to wear a fur coat inside the fur, like a sheepskin coat. For a long time, in Russia, snow was covered with scarves over fur coats. So, as now, with fur outside, they began to wear this fashionable clothes quite recently.
Today fur coats can be bought in the online store! Fur coats are beautiful, warm and comfortable clothes. Everyone can wear a quality beautiful fur coat, without looking at the budget. Modern ways of processing fur can make a fur coat of any fur luxurious, from democratic muton to valuable sable.
The most popular fur is traditionally mink. Mink fur coats fell in love with Russian women for their lightness, good wear and fine fur. Also in demand are sable, fox, chinchilla, beaver, rabbit, muton fur coats.
Technology, the development of the textile and chemical industries can make a variety of fur products. Coats, coats, jackets, capes, boleros, hats - a short list of clothes made of fur. Girls have always loved fur coats for luxury, natural shine and warmth. And today it is also the brightness of dyed colored inks, patterns and fur of different lengths, various prints and imitations. Well, how can you resist!

Catalog of fur coats and other fur products from the fur factory ELENA FURS

A catalog of fur coats from the manufacturer is presented on our website with prices and photos, as in a store. Having bought a fur coat from a fur factory, you will be assured of its quality, you will not pay more to dealers, you will receive the necessary documentation and a guarantee. Italian and Russian designers, employees of our own European and Russian factories are working on the creation of ELENAFURS fur coats. And all so that the fur coat that you wear on your shoulders in winter is impeccable.

We regularly carry out sales of fur coats from our company so that you can afford the exact fur you dream of. All year round in our store you can buy a fur coat at a discount. Another opportunity to purchase the desired thing - coats in installments. Our consultants will provide you with all the necessary information on lending and installments. Choose a fur coat in the online store and soon decide what is right for you!