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Hooded fur coats are ideal for a frosty winter. Thick, fluffy fur reliably protects from extreme cold, and with a hood the piercing wind is not terrible. In the busy streets of Moscow, such a fur outfit fits perfectly, it is light and practical. A fur coat with a hood is as comfortable as possible. It does not hinder movement, it is convenient to drive a car and walk on foot.

Main advantages

To buy a fur coat with a hood means to remain feminine and elegant in any setting, look respectable and expensive. In a mink coat with a hood, it is appropriate to come to the theater premiere, respond to an invitation to dine in a luxurious restaurant, and go to an important business meeting.

Thanks to the practicality and durability of natural furs, such clothing fits perfectly into everyday wardrobe. It is not necessary to pick up a hat, but after going into the room for a while, think about where to leave it, or hold it in your hands. In a mink coat with a hood, every Moscow resident forgets about such inconveniences.

Yes, the price of these models is somewhat higher, but comfort in comparison with alternative products fully compensate for the costs. No need to risk a chic hairstyle on the occasion of the solemn event. Hood and hair will not accept, and perfectly warm in the frosty wind. And if you have to do in the fresh air photo in a fur coat with a hood, a woman will look especially attractive.

Creating Kits

It is not enough to buy a winter outfit from precious natural material. To look decent and not to go beyond the style, you need to harmoniously combine it with the other things from the created ensemble.

Headgear is not necessary to acquire, but if desired, allowed. It should be non-volumetric style. For example, a knitted hat that covers the forehead, but does not stand out sharply. Hats with convex knitting are popular in Moscow.

The dress-sweater perfectly fits the fitted coat. The image can be supplemented with knee-high boots (shoes should be selected with a heel, the platform will do). Flat-foot boots can be worn with flared options.

Where to buy fur coats with a hood in Moscow

The stores of the domestic company ELENA FURS are a great place where you can buy coats with a hood at reasonable prices. For the manufacture of fashionable designer products, the factory buys only high-quality fur.