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Fur coats by ELENA FURS

ELENA FURS industry is 25 years old. It has manufactured over 1 million of fur coats, opened its offices in 12 Russian cities and placed its factories all across Russia, Italy and Greece. ELENA FURS is the absolute leader in the production of fur garments in Russia and Europe.  

We are working for the women who love fur and make their shopping experience easy and enjoyable. Our clients don’t need to worry about the quality of purchased items since we supply our factories with the fur obtained at the auctions. Fur is processed at the Italian factory MID; the manufacturing process of the fur garments is conducted at the Russian factories. Besides, Elena Furs gives an opportunity to verify its authenticity by attending our factory or checking the serial number of the garment produced in Greece. Our products are of the highest quality, that’s why we provide 2 year long warranty service.

Inspired by latest trends, our Russian and Italian designers are always looking for new solutions, so that our clients could always find a fur coat according to your taste. Beauty of our furs corresponds to the European style and quality standards. We present you a colossal range of furs that cannot be found among any other Russian or European producers. We offer you 17 types of fur, accessories, hundreds of designs from casual mouton coats to stunning sable manteau.


Simultaneously being a factory and distributor, we produce fur coats with reasonable prices. Exchange rates or logistics problems won’t affect the prices. Our company is supplied with fur of different origins what allows you to choose a great fur coat within your budget. In rest of the cases, we offer you advantageous credit conditions and installment payments free of interest, so you won’t have to limit yourself.


How to buy fur coats by elena furs?

For your convenience, we have an online store, service center and call-centers in Moscow and other regions. Our service center specialists will tailor the garment to according to your size. Some simple corrections can be made on the same day. Call center specialists will consult you, should you have any inquiries. Before purchasing, you can read the feedback from our clients; we always stay in touch with our customers and help to solve any possible problem. You can choose a fur coat according to your taste and order worldwide shipping. In order to prevent our customers from any risks, you are to pay only upon delivery. We’ve done everything to produce fur coats of highest quality and make the shopping process enjoyable. Come to choose furs which make women look stunning. We wish you to find the fur coat of your dreams!


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