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Raccoon fur coats along with sable, beaver, fox, and marten are considered very warm. As for the warmth, they are inferior only to mink and white hare. The raccoon fur is full and fluffy. It has a long guard hair and soft underfur. That’s why the raccoon fur doesn’t allow the cold in. It is a light, flexible and very durable type of fur.

Special features of raccoon fur

The raccoon is a medium-sized grayish mammal with a very beautiful long striped tail. Long raccoon fur looks stylish and unusual. In the manufacturing process of fur coats, both natural and dyed furs are used. Usually the color of the silver raccoon is alternated into what can be seen here. The red raccoon fur coats are the example of fur of another natural warm color which is rarer. The dyed raccoon fur draws everybody’s attention because it might be dyed with any imaginable bright color, as this crimson jacket.

If taken good care of, this fur will last up to 16 years. You can find details on the proper care for the fur garments here.

Fashion has been moving from a multilayer style towards straight lines. Raccoon fur is always used in the designers’ collections, since it creates great silhouettes thanks to its own volume. Whichever type of coat you may choose; no matter slim waist or not, it will always be trendy. Besides, a raccoon fur coat is inexpensive which makes it possible to renew your wardrobe more often according to the latest trends. The beautiful and warm raccoon fur coat will help you to enjoy the most severe winter.