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Why fur coats?

Feel easy and harmonious, like others and glow with happiness all year round, not just in the warm season. So that heavy sheepskin coats and shapeless down-padded coats do not spoil the image, and cool jackets and textile short coats do not make them freeze, women put light and warm fur jackets on their shoulders. It is better to buy a fur jacket before severe frosts, so that it does not have to chill when the temperature suddenly drops to -10. And then, a smile will appear every morning, you just have to wear luxurious fur.
For the convenience, lightness, beauty and emotions that you feel, trying on fur, fans remain faithful to him. When in a salon a consultant puts you in a mink jacket, you do not want to take it off, because he envelops you with a sense of confidence, attractiveness and success. In addition, each fur has its own character: a lynx jacket for an extravagant mood, a rabbit fur jacket for a cozy weekend with friends, a mink jacket for business days. You can not repeat the choice or prefer the classics, but the magic of fur will certainly fascinate you.

What fur can a jacket have?

Popular models of sheepskin coats design designers create from 20 basic furs. Mink, muton, beaver and sable are the most famous and sought after ones. Designers use not only popular materials to create fur jackets and coats. The demand for fur is created by newly born interest, or a fundamentally new dressing. An example of fashionable rebirth - astrakhan and broadtail, who returned to the podium. For elegant styles their fine dressing is indispensable. An example of a new technology is Astragan, a type of muton of the best manufacture, - manufacturers use for jackets and fur jackets for the same reason as the fur of astrakhan sheep. In addition to a particular fur, there are varieties of sewing techniques, for example, a knitted mink jacket. Learn more about how to create fur coats.

The design is even more variable than the fur. Short fur jackets and elongated models; jackets made of mink fur with a hood and jackets made of knitted mink; Fashionable fur jackets classic fur jackets - about a hundred models on our website and even more in stores.

Where to buy a fur jacket?

Valuable items for your wardrobe, we choose more carefully than new clothes for one season. Fur jacket - status clothing, so its quality must be impeccable. Look for stores with a long successful history and find out where they sew furs and how to get their skins. A network store with offices in different countries and its own production ensures that you do not buy a fake. Fur factory ELENAFURS exists on the market for 25 years and sewed a million fur coats during this time. Experience and auction quality - two advantages that we use when sewing each fur coat. Choose ELENAFURS fur vests in our online store or in salons in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ufa, Kazan, Novosibirsk, Murmansk, Surgut and Yekaterinburg. Be sure of your choice. Enjoy the shopping!