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A fox fur coat is a choice for those women who enjoy having a unique look. Fox fur is stunning and really eye-catching. It will always turn heads. Besides, it is not as wide-spread as mink fur. Therefore, fox fur garments are truly exclusive and extravagant. Fox fur will make your appearance stand out and make your eyes brighter, enwrapping you in coziness and keeping you warm.

Special features of fox fur

Foxes live just about everywhere, including Russia, and also are raised on the fur farms. Fox fur is exceptionally beautiful, soft and airy. Usually, the long fox fur is not plucked to pile. Fox fur is rarely dyed, since red fox and silver fox fur coats are beautiful and extravagant in their natural color. In terms of warmth, they stand alongside with sable, beaver, marten and raccoon fur coats. Fur of the red and silver fox is very popular in the manufacturing of fur coats. Fur farms ranch silver, white and platinum foxes. However, this fur is quite affordable.

The red fox fur is considered to be the most precious of all the wild fox species. This species inhabits Kamchatka, Yakutia and Kolyma. Its fur is brightly red. Among the ranched species, the silver fox fur is the most valued one. The silver fox fur is deeply black with transparent pearl and silver tints.

Fox fur is often worn with formal dresses. Fox neckpieces used to be very popular, just like among Hollywood stars. Nowadays, wraps and short coats are very trendy and can be worn with evening gowns.