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What is astrakhan fur?

Well if mouton is a finely processed sheepskin, what is astrakhan fur? Astrakhan is also sheepskin, but of even more valuable kind. Due to the fact that the wool of sheep of this kind have twisted curls and dense underfur, the fur is cut short during currying. As a result, it becomes very smooth with suede effect, warm, wearable and suitable for making coats.

Astrakhan coats

Coat of astrakhan are lightweight and durable, even more reliable and convenient than mouton fur. Customer feedback about aktrakhan is always positive, because it is affordable (from $ 400), looks modern and nice and has the characteristics that sheepkin does not have. The main advantages of astrakhan are lightness, accessibility and bright colors.

When the sheep is cut till it is only several mm lengths, the skin is light but still has all the heat-saving properties. Sheepskin fur is accwssible that's why only the best skins are chosen for coat production. Astrakhan can be colored in bright and neutral colors. Orange, grassy, ​​berry are the colors chosen for astrakhan coats by ELENA FURS.

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