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Accessories made of fur elements are one of the main trends of autumn-winter fashion collections for several years in a row. Collars, gloves, bags and purses decorated with fur look stylish and attract attention in the streets. The variety of such accessories is impressive, and you can find similar models in all leading fashion houses. This is a real furry madness!

What real fur accessories you can find?

     Scarfs — one of the best thing to protect your neck from winter frost. Such neckerchief from fox, arctic fox or lama is warm, very sleek and stylish. So you can go walking even when the temperature on the street is -20 C and lower. By the way, fur scarfs are considered to be one of the best accessories of modern lady.

     Hats — fur headdress was in trend decades ago, but now it seems to be even more popular than ever before. Now designers create hundreds of hat models, choose any you like. These hats are more than just warm. It feels like your mom stroke your head. Pure tenderness and nothing else.

     Muffs — special elegant and subtle accessories with their own aura and history. Not every modern woman has the courage to include them as a part of her own image. Muffs is comfortable, soft and kind, so many women like them thousand times more than classic gloves. To wear it right is the special art, but it worth to try, indeed.

     Earmuffs — the perfect solution if you’ve made a coiffure and don’t want to spoil it with hat. Such earmuffs protect your ears from cold and look stylish very much. They are perfectly suitable for any winter style of clothes from classic fur coats to modern leather jackets. Earmuffs are fluffy and soft, so if you need to raise your spirit quickly, just squeeze and stroke it.

And that’s not all. There are lots of fur accessories: shawls, wraps, trinkets, but each of them is a little fashion masterpiece. The most popular fur for them are fox, polar fox, mouton, rabbit, bluefrost and lama. Different styles, shapes and colors — you can pick up the ones you need to feel yourself like a queen.

By the way, the price of such accessories is much less, than fur coats or jackets cost, but they often look like even much better. It’s the perfect way to emphasize your status and play with your own image. But the result will be the same — just perfect and nothing else.

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