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Fox fur vests

Fox fur is bright, beautiful, extremely warm. it looks harmoniously with any image – either with casual clothes, or an evening dress. That is why it is a good recommendation for every woman who got used to be in the center of attention to buy a fox fur. This item of clothes has been already a fashionable trend during several seasons.

Benefits of a fur vest

A fox fur vest has a number of benefits in comparison with a fur coat or a short fur coat:

· it is possible to carry this piece of clothes during any season, if a suitable clothes provided;

· it is easy, it does not hold down movements;

· it keeps heat as well as any fur product with a sleeve;

· fox fur  is practical, fox fur products will look perfectly for several seasons if taken care appropriately.

Except the above-mentioned, one more benefit should be added - the price of a fox fur vest is significantly lower, than for products of mink or  zibelline that doesn't affect its appearance, quality and a capability to save heat. 

How to choose a suitable model?

Having picked up a fox four vest for your size, it is possible to show an image in a new, more advantageous look. Women with curvaceous shapes are not recommended to buy short sleeveless jackets from a fluffy fox as such models are capable to give even more weight to the body. In this case it is perfect to choose a vest with a  length to the middle of a hip sewed from short-haired fur. The extended model, as it is capable to balance the body proportions visually, is recommended for tall girls. Ladies with proportional body lines do not have limitations in choice of fur vest, it is only  important to pick up other items of clothes correctly.

What to wear with a fur vest?

A fox fur looks great with casual outfit : with trousers, skirts of any length, jeans or leggings. At the same time it is not necessary to put on a lot of accessories, let fur sleeveless jacket be the main accent of all outfit. The wide choice of shades of fur vests will help to pick up the variant which will be able to accomplish the majority of clothes items.

It is possible to buy a fox fur vest if you are eager to look perfect on a . social event. A long evening dress an elegant trouser suit or a cocktail dress accomplished by a fox fur vest and refined accessories will allow to become the real queen of evening and will make an image unforgettable.

Treatment peculiarities

Fox fur is easy to wear and to treat. The main thing that should not be done is to stay in the rain or a sleet in a fox fur vest. After that the fur can start "to fall out" and it will cause a problem in terms of its treatment. It is necessary to preserve a product against moth, for this purpose it is necessary to spread out a special product in the place of storage of a fox sleeveless jacket. In case of dirt it is necessary to clean a fur vest at a dry-cleaner.

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