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A stole: beautiful protection against cold weather

A stole is a long female cape. This item of clothes became fashionable in the 17th century and then it was actively used as a scarf for protection against cold. Nowadays a stole is purchased mostly often as ornament and addition to the image. At the same time, it is not obligatory to choose models at high prices. It is possible to buy an inexpensive stole which will emphasize the style and faultless taste of the owner.

Kinds of a stole

A stole is issued in the form of a wide cloth from 50 to 75 cm wide, and its length reaches 2 meters. Seasonally it is possible to buy a quite cheap stole made from silk, cotton, lace, wool or fur.

In cold season fur capes look smart. Such products accomplish the image with  savors and charm. Woolen stoles are simpler, but not less effective. Especially if they are decorated by fox or marten fur finishing. Besides their purpose stoles are divided on a color scale. Knitted capes with fur finishing are presented with various ornaments which allows to refresh the image perfectly.

A stole has to be combined with other accessories: gloves, bag, footwear, etc. It is also important to consider features of appearance. Blond ladies will be  more suited pastel tones, and brunettes suit  brighter ones. For small size girls it is better to select stoles of the small size so that they do not look bulky and ridiculous on a shape. The main thing is that the cape has to supplement the image, but not attract all attention to itself.

What to wear a stole with?

The cape is worn most often with:

  • Outerwear (with a coat or a trench).
  • Casual clothes.
  • ВEvening dress.

Stylists recommend to buy a scarf stole from fur for evening dresses. With such a product it is even  possible to put on a dress with naked shoulders in a cold season. A fur cape will instantly warm its owner and at the same time will emphasize respectability and good taste.


Capes also look gorgeously with casual clothes. For example, a woolen cape with finishing will be ideal for a jeans outfit. Using mink stoles with a coat will be a good idea. An outerwear can get a cape in tone so that it will perfectly accomplish  the image.

It is not enough to choose a color and style of the product so that a cape looks good.. It is also necessary to get acquainted with technology of tying up a scarf.

How to tie a stole correctly

There are several methods of tying up a stole:

  • For official style.

The stole is wound around a neck, and the free ends go down on a breast. The product is fixed by a thin thong on the waist.

  • Under a jacket.

For this purpose a cape is freely wrapped around a neck, and the free ends should be hidden.

  • With a long coat.

The stole is turned twice, put to a neck. Then 2 free ends on the one hand are passed throughout a free ring with another. Such way of tying up is called a French knot.

  • In the form of a hood.

It is used in the winter and perfectly looks with a fur coat. For this purpose the product is put on the head, the free ends are crossed under a chin, then tied on a nape. The cape has to lay down freely at the same time.

  • With a dress or a blouse.

A cape is wrapped around a neck, and the free ends are fixed by special fibula. Such hairpins are also intended  for adjustment of length of a product. It is necessary to consider that tiny models of capes of small length are just put on shoulders and are fixed.

If you look for a shop of scarfs and stoles with a wide choice of products then come to our salon. Trousers, a dress or a jacket will look in a new way with a stole.

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