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How to choose a blue mink fur coat with a hood?

Many modern fashionable women are eager to buy a blue mink coat with a hood. It warms well, protects from a sleet and the penetrating wind, it also shows the taste of its owner and emphasizes the image.

Types of models

Blue mink is one of the most luxury furs which can be chosen for a fur coat. The majority of models are sewed in modern style, therefore such fur coat will become a bright accent in ladies' clothes. Quite often such dresses are supplemented with various accessories quite often, fittings, fur details, leather lacings, knitted elements. While choosing a length of the product you should avoid long models because they become dirty very easily. And here the hood, on the contrary, will only decorate a product and will make it even warmer and more practical.

The most demanded fur products from a mink are:

· fur coats from a blue mink with a hood;

· short fur coats with a wide collar for the driving ladies;

· fur coats of traditional sewing.

How to choose a high-quality blue mink fur coat?

Ablue mink fur coat from is a great variant both for every day, and for special events. It is important to choose a high-quality product that will keep esthetics for many years. Therefore before buying it one should attentively examine the pelt manufacturing. The inner side (a part of a pelt from which fur grows) is obliged to be light and soft. The fur has to be beautiful, without bald spots, silky, as on the photo in our catalog. High-quality fur is easily  rumpled and opens in hands. One should carefully examine a fur coat on light and compare several different models.

Good fur has an azure natural shade without yellow outflow. The blue mink turns yellow eventually. Therefore, it is easy to notice if a coat has hung in a shop several seasons. In particular it is noticeable on the Chinese fur coats. The clothes item should be examined at good lighting and separately from other products. If fur has been tinted, it will keep natural color much longer.

Also pay attention to such a factor as the price. The high-quality natural mink can not cost little. Buy a fur coat only in the checked certified outlets, and then the product will serve you many years.

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