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Mink jackets: elegance and a fashion statement

A mink jacket is the most elegant and attractive element of the wardrobe. Women love mink jackets, regardless of their social status and age.  Mink coats, fur coats, jackets, short coats, palatines, capes and other outfits will never lose popularity. They are lightweight, feel really nice on the body, and perfectly retain heat. They do not feel heavy on the shoulders, and do not hamper movements. There are also mink jackets with fur both on the inside and outside, as well as models with lining.

Mink jackets are very popular with Russian ladies. Mink fur looks prestigious and presentable. Minks are bred all over the planet, so their fur has become more affordable. Mink jackets, which used to be an attribute of royalty, have become casual outwear. Therefore, you can afford a hooded mink jacket with any budget. These coats have become national bestsellers. Mink is highly valued, it is durable and warm. Life expectancy of such short fur coats is up to 14 seasons. Mink fur is almost as warm as fox or sable. It is:

·         sheen;

·         silky;

·         thick.

The natural color of a mink jacket can vary from white to deep black with the abundance of grey-blue and brown shades.

What can be combined with a mink jacket?

Mink jacket can perfectly complement a cocktail dress. For an elegant and understated look girls combine short models with pants and wedge shoes. A properly chosen short fur coat can match most outfit styles.

Choosing the outfit according to the body type

Choose a mink jacket matching your body type. There are many models, ranging from sweeping mink poncho, lightweight capes, to insulated coats and fitted jackets. If you would like to create a sophisticated feminine silhouette and emphasize the beauty of your body, you should opt for fitted jackets. Such models are classic and will never go out of style. These outfits are especially good in black, which is also slimming.

Loose fitting mink jackets can match any body type. In addition, they are lightweight and do not hamper movements. If you prefer more textured clothing, choose knitted mink outerwear. Mink jackets are long lasting, aesthetically pleasing, they look expensive and attractive. These products will never go out of style and will always keep you warm in cold weather.

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