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Mink coats at the reasonable price

Fur coat mink is considered to be a luxury item. This is not just a warm and comfortable outerwear, but it is also an indicator of high status of an owner. However, this product does not have to be expensive: the cheapest coats can be made from fur of high-quality. Price reduction is caused by the peculiarities of the style and treatment of a pelt. Our fur salon offers to buy inexpensive coats for every taste, which the quality is obvious.

What is the difference between cheap and expensive mink?

Though mink fur is considered to be elite, its products from are issued in different price categories. There are different types of mink: American, Russian, European and Scandinavian They all differ in structure and in the  natural shade of fur. If Blackglam and Blacknaf American mink cost very much, then Russian and European versions will cost considerably cheaper, especially fur of a widespread color. For example, products of a standard dark brown color cost not so much. Also it should be taken into account that the fluff the Russian mink is less dense, than the one of other kinds, that is why its product will cost less. Besides, products from males’ pelts will cost a little cheaper as their fur is tougher.

In spite of the fact that the dyed fur stopped being a sign of a cheap fur coat, its high-quality product will cost cheaper, than a fur coat of a rare color. For example, blue, white or marble mink. Modern dyes completely change a fur shade but at the same time the dye is not erased or soiled. Quality of dying can be checked by rubbing the fur with a damp cloth: dye traces should not remain. 

How to save on purchase of a fur coat?

It is not so difficult to by a mink coat as it seems to be. Our salon represents  hundreds of variants of a style and design for any taste, and it is possible to pick up a model of a reasonable quality and at a good price. The most practical models are the following:

· the shortened fur coats, short fur coats and fur vests. The royal long fur coat is the choice of mature wealthy ladies, such model is not appropriate for every day. A light short fur coat in which is warm and comfortable will suit a young girl or a lady who spends much time driving. As long as the material on is required less to make such a product, it costs cheaper.

· Fur coats with fanning. Such models are rather cheap as they are not sewed from solid minks, but from the pelts which are cut out on diagonal strips. Such technology allowed to expand the choice of styles: the streaming fur looks perfectly, and the correct masking of suture lines creates interesting optical effect.

· Products from short-haired or pinched fur. Cheaper fur coats are made of fur with shortened or removed beard hair: the surface of a product becomes very soft and nice by touch. However due to violation of fur structure during processing, such mink coat is less durable and less practical.

It is possible to buy an inexpensive mink fur coat, only after careful consideration of the salon range: Russian and Scandinavian mink products are offered at quite a reasonable price, it is only necessary to choose a suitable style and the size. Beautiful products of a high-quality are sewed from inexpensive, which will serve their owners for a number of seasons. 

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