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Special features of otter fur
The otter belongs to the mustelids, i.e. it is a species relative to the mink and sable, the only distinction being that the otter is an aquatic animal. Therefore, its fur has a solid guard hair and soft underfur. Otter fur is the most durable one. Its wearability is taken as the gold standard, the wearing properties of other types of fur are calculated as a percentage of this standard.
Otter fur coats
Manufacturers prefer darker fur; the darker, the more valuable it is. During the manufacturing process, a great attention is usually paid to the guard hair in order to produce a soft sleek canvass from the soft underfur. In terms of its heat-saving properties, the otter fur is among the top 5 along with the karakul and muskrat. The velvet-like fur coat is almost graphite black which makes it elegant, splendid-looking and reliable at the same time. The beauty of furs is subjective but the black otter fur shines more distinctly than the mink of the same color, since the otter saturates its fur with the secretion which makes it resistant to water and cold by moistening the hide. This can be seen even in the picture, while in real life it seems that the fur reflects light completely. The otter fur coat is the garment that you will never get bored of, this is the classic which never looks plain.

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