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Nutria fur coats

Women like this fur for its extravagancy, warmth and affordability. Designers aren’t limited in their imagination because nutria fur can be processed in many different ways. That’s why nutria fans have a wide choice.

Special features of nutria fur

The nutria is an animal which spends most of its life in the water, that’s why its fur is resistant to the cold and moisture. Nutria fur coats will last up to 8 years; they are resistant to rain and snow, unlike coats of more fickle types of fur. Nutria inhabits Southern America but it is also successfully bred in Europe and Northern America. Fur is brown but the animals of other colors are ranched on the fur farms including white and black nutria.

Nutria guard hair is much longer than the underfur. If to keep the long fur, a fur coat will turn out voluminous and spectacular which is suitable for such short fur coat cuts as a poncho or a trendy double-breasted coat. After deleting the guard hair, we have the plucked fur which is used for making a smooth, soft and chic fur coat. The fur coat made of the sheared nutria is different from the plucked one, since it has a greater density and thickness of fur.

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