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Mink short mink fur coat: right choice

By right the mink is considered to be one of attributes of feminity, luxury and elegance. The mink short fur coat is irreplaceable for creation of an on-trend look as producers give to shortened fur products original styles. The mink short fur coat can suit many things and every time it allows to create a new image.  The price of a mink short fur coat profitably differs from long models which allows to buy it without excess costs for the budget.

For cold winter in Moscow the short fur coat with a hood is a suitable variant to combine beauty and heat of a fur coat with comfort of a jacket. Stylists recommend to accomplish a mink short fur coat by the extended skirt or trousers, high boots to provide warmth to legs. it is convenient to go for walks, drive a car in it, and by combining it with elegant clothes and accessories, it is possible to create an elegant evening look.

Quality assessment of a short fur coat

Before making a purchase it is important to estimate the quality of a product, there is no purpose to buy a mink short fur coat just for one season. So, it is necessary to pay attention on the following before making a purchase:

· quality of fur – it has to be dense, brilliant and strong, and after smoothing it should instantly take an original form. After touching it by your palm there should be no greasy traces on a short fur coat, and after easy "tingling" of a product there should be no hair remained in your hands. If fur satisfies these requirements, with quality of a mink short fur coat is all right;

· a type of a pelt from a wrong side. The inner side (an internal surface) has to be soft,without making rustling and creaking sounds when squeezing. Quality of an inner side defines wear resistance of a mink short fur coat and its ability to protect from cold;

· quality of sewing. Stitches have to be accurate and strong, without pasting traces. Products of dark color should have stitches dyed of the same color.  

· before buying a short fur coat from a mink with a hood, it is necessary to raise and examine it. Fur on a reverse side of a hood has to be the same, as well as on all product, smooth, without high temples and attritions;

· quality of dying – there is no doubt that the mink short fur coat will not fade under snow or rain, it is enough to touch the fur with slightly damp light cloth. If there are traces left, it is better to refuse to buy it;

· the lining is also important for feeling of comfort when wearing this outerwear. It has to be equal, without distortions and it should not "pull";

· pay attention that all accessories harmoniously supplement a mink short fur coat and accomplish the image. 

The most fashionable models

Every season designers represent models which need to be purchased in order to to be the most fashionable forthcoming winter. Fortunately, the fashion for fur coats is not too changeable, these products are bought not just for one year. Except popular models a “ballerina”, "butterfly", “coats”, a special attention deserve trapezoid mink short fur coats. They will suit any shape and emphasize their advantages. And if it is a blue mink (which price is slightly higher, than of the fur of a different color), it is no doubt in creating an image of a gorgeous woman in such a fur coat.  Sleeves of such models are of three quarters therefore they will be ideally accomplished by long doeskin or leather gloves.

At the height of fashion there are products sewed from fur of the different tissue – smooth, short-haired, short cut. Those who are not afraid to experiment and want to create ultramodern image should pay attention to such mink short fur coats. The stylish image will be accomplished by flat sole high boots and unusual accessories.

Considering these recommendations and being guided by your own taste, it is possible to purchase a mink short fur coat at the suitable price, which will please you by its beauty and heat for a long time. 

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