Fashion is changeable. Every year we can trace how designers create new fashion trends. Some of them are really magnificent, some are dubious, and the other ones are odd and strange.

Women buy new dresses, hats, breeches and blouses every year. And almost everybody wants to look fashionable. But there are something, that is above fashion. Such garments are always in trend, and each woman wants to buy it for herself. Do you want to know what it is?

Of course, it’s fur clothes. Warm and kind coats, stylish and elegant jackets — they will be in trend forever. Though there are hundreds of coat models today, designers keep making more and more interesting fur clothes.

New collections for you!

Here you can find the most fashionable garments from new world collections:

     Coats. Made from fox, sheepskin, beaver, rabbit, mink and more than 15 types of fur. You can find more than thousand forms: classic or modern fur coats, long or short — choose any you like. We work with the most reliable suppliers, so all of our coats are high-quality and durable. Our designers constantly develop style of coats. Every year we produce series of brand new coats which become popular almost immediately.

     Jackets. Leather garments with fur decorations. They are especially popular for young women, who want to look spectacular. These jackets perfectly can go with just about any modern outfit. Different combinations of new fashion trends and classic forms allow you to create your own unique style. By the way, this section updates every week, so you do can find something special.

     Headdresses and scarfs. Accessories are important part of woman’s image. But you know that fur accessories are not just part of it — they are perfect accents to emphasize your style and feminine softness. We have a huge collection of accessories which is constantly filling up. New fashion styles, different variations of classic models and large choise of fur — that sounds like pure happiness.

     Furry trinkets and toys. Keychains or decorative pompons made from fur are cute little accessories, which are able to raise you up at any time. They are made just for fun, but they’re worth to buy. If you want to get rabbit’s foot to attract luck or just something fluffy and soft to squeeze it when you’re nervous, buy furry trinkets. We have a wide choice of such toys — order the one you like and be in good mood every day.

And what else?

We renew our catalogue every week to guarantee the newest goods made from fur for you. You can order everything you find here just in few clicks. Fine prices and huge choice — what are you waiting for? Buy your own fur fantasy right now.

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