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The muskrat, one of the favorite articles of the wardrobe in Europe, has just recently become popular in Russia. Now it’s becoming more prominent and it’s hard to find a woman who has never heard of its advantages. 


Special feature of muskrat fur

The muskrat spends most of its life in the water, that’s why it takes a great care of its fur by constant grooming and greasing. Thanks to these procedures, muskrat fur looks impeccable; it is soft and nice to the touch and can be compared to mink fur. Besides, its distinctive features include durability and moisture-repelling which makes you fully prepared for a humid winter which is typical for Russia. If taken a proper care of, muskrat fur coats might last for up to over 6 years without losing its great look.


Muskrat fur coats can be successfully combined with other types of fur, that’s why they often have insets of mink, arctic fox, raccoon and fox fur. By combining your coat with various accessories, you can create a noble and aristocratic image of a serious lady or of a cheerful and extraordinary girl. 

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