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Short mouton coats, your charming elegance

When mouton became a popular material for outerwear, mouton coats found a ready market in Moscow, both for women and men. Before you purchase a mouton fur coat, it would be interesting to learn how mouton furs are made and what they are supposed to look and feel like. They are manufactured to capture the quality of more expensive mink or sable furs, however, the price of mouton furs is much lower.

Specially dressed lambskins are used for making mouton coats. Sheep for those purposes are only bred in Australia and New Zealand, since their fur is highly durable and cold-proof. The technology of short mouton coats production includes the following steps:


·         fleshing (cleaning) skins;


·         processing skins in a special rotating drum to soften them;


·         stretching the pelt to make it bigger The pelt remains highly durable and elastic;


·         processing skins with formalin to make the fur water-repellent. As a result, mouton coats become rain and snow-proof, as well as temperature resistant;


·         removing chemical residue from the skins;


·         dyeing the fur. The natural color of the fur is not really attractive, so short mouton coats are dyed beautiful rich shades using modern technologies.


Sometimes thick mouton fur is made more lightweight so that the finished product is more comfortable to wear.


How can the quality of a mouton coat be evaluated?


Before you buy a short mouton coat in Moscow, take a closer look at the quality of the fur. You should pay attention to the following:


·         visually assess the appearance of the fur, and if there is a slightest doubt as to its quality, do not buy such a product;


·         the smell, if it is strong and pungent, it is unlikely to disappear later;


·         in order to evaluate the quality of dyeing, use a damp white cloth and run it down the mouton coat. If there are no traces of dye left, everything was done according to the technology;


·         fur hairs should not break or fall out. The hem of a high quality coat immediately straightens back when crumpled;


·         seams should be well-constructed and slightly protruding;


Rub your hand against the inner side of the pelt, it is not supposed to squeak or rustle. Such sounds indicate that the pelt has been overdried. The quality of insulation and lining is important, since they also affect the comfort and durability of the finished product.


How to choose the best model

Fashionistas of any age or body type can find a perfect short mouton fur coat, because this fur is short and lightweight, and does not add volume to the body. This garment will become your favorite winter outfit and you will enjoy excellent warmth, comfort and freedom of movement. If you opt for a hooded short mouton coat, you will not need any headwear even in very chilly and windy weather.

Short mouton fur coats can have various trims. Ladies can choose from a wide range of furs, decorative buttons and cords, various collars, hooded or hoodless models and find a perfect coat for themselves. Make your final choice considering your body type because fashion is fleeting, and your coat is supposed to last you for several years.


Short mouton coat care

Manufacturers claim that this outerwear can serve perfectly for ten seasons. However, owners have to follow the specified care recommendations. After the winter season ends, have the coat dry-cleaned, then hang it on a broad padded hanger and store it in a cloth garment bag. Ventilate the closet from time to time, however, any extra protection against moth damage is not necessary.

With proper care, your coat will last you for many years.

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