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Mink fur coat for large ladies

Aristocratical, light, nice by touch mink fur coats will decorate either a fragile girl, or a lady with forms. Irrespective of your shape, a suitable style choice is aa real art which needs to be possesses in order to make a pleasant purchase for many years.

What properties does mink fur have?

Mink products are considered to be the most expensive and desired. Noble brilliant fur has a number of advantages. Ladies with large forms love fur for the fact that it smoothly depicts a shape, emphasizing advantages and hiding imperfections. Mink coats of big sizes are surely represented at many fur salons. As for the choice of model, mink coats of big sizes should be neither too easy, nor too heavy. It is better to strike a balance.

Mink is considered to be moderately warm fur. Therefore it is pleasant to wear it in cities of central Russia where there is no need to keep oneself away from severe frosts. At the same time, mink fur coats are good outfits.  Having invested money in purchase, you will get a status and beautiful item of clothes, which will serve you many years. Besides, mink coats keep its state of nature for a long time.

· In comparison with other types of fur, a mink fur coat from has an advantage in terms of having amazing wear resistance.

· Fur of such a fur coat is very gentle and soft by touch

· Density of a mink fur coat of a big size depends on a season of extraction of fur, but anyway the product will be comfortable and warm

· Fur has an advantage in terms of in water-repellent abilities which, however, you should not overestimate

· You can get a product of any size and any color scale: from light one to the darkest one.

· Products of big size have a long axis, and also high hem that make the fur to even more comfortable while wearing.

Why mink coats suit big-sized women?

Models of big sizes are made within unique technology that is special approach in sewing products. At the same time features of a shape are surely to be considered. Therefore  big-sized women will feel elegant and righteous. 

The product of big sizes does not hold down movements, and the model has a straight style so that not to look baggy. Irrespective of the sizes of an owner, a mink product will slim due to softness and the small length of fur. A mink surely has to be short-haired. Such fur coats will not add volume, and, but on the contrary, they will brighten up extra kilos.

What style of a fur coat to choose for big-sized ladies?

Stylists recommend to give preference to flared or straight models of a big size. An ideal option of length is midi where hem reaches knees. It is also important that a mink model should not have a belt, because it increases the volume of a shape.

Which models are to avoid?

Big-sized products should not be volume, otherwise they will make shapes shapeless and baggy. You should not choose models with a narrow or, on the contrary, a flared sleeve. A fur coat should not have horizontal strips. Big-sized ladies must not use skirting, because such a decorative element will only add volume.

In general, we advise you to choose classical models which will not be out of fashion and which suit everyone. You can find a wide choice of such fur coats in our fur salons in Moscow.


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