The best coat for a lady driver

Many modern women in Moscow spend a significant portion of their time behind the wheel. Which means that their outfits should match their lifestyles, be beautiful, comfortable and not hamper movements. Lady drivers don't need floor-skimming coats or wide-sleeved outfits.

A mink coat for a lady driver should be warm, stylish and durable. Choosing this outfit is a serious business, since a new short mink coat is far from cheap and therefore it should maintain its original quality for a long time.

How is lady driver model different from other models?

The new short mink coat called "lady driver" is very popular with women due to its functionality and beauty. With proper care, quality mink coats can serve flawlessly for years, which fully justifies their cost. Moscow is a fast-moving city, which is bustling around the clock, as a result, women spend more time behind the wheel. Therefore, short mink fur coats are gaining popularity year by year.

Lady Driver mink coats are much more lightweight than other models. They can be waist long or midthigh, fitted or relaxed fit. This type of fur coats normally has side slits, its sleeves are of medium width and not very long (often three-quarter-sleeves). All this lets the woman feel comfortable and at ease in the car. A hooded Lady Driver mink coat is an optimal solution which can both protect you from frost and wind and keep your hairstyle intact.


How to choose the right fur coat

Advantages of short mink coats leave no doubt that this kind of outfit is worth its price:


·        it is more durable compared with longer models; you do not need to worry that the fur on the hips might fall out due to the specifics of the driver's position and movements, and that the bottom of the fur coat might get soiled;

·         the sleeves perfectly retain heat and do not hamper movements while you are driving a car;

·         these models are relatively lightweight.



When you are choosing a fur coat, you should pay attention to the following quality indicators:


·         dense, shiny, flowing fur;

·         minimum seams on the inside;

·        the color of the dyed fur should be stable, it is not supposed to leave traces if you run a damp cloth down the surface of the coat;

·         high-quality dressing. The reverse side of the pelt should be soft and elastic, with no cracks, and should not make any squeaking noises under pressure;

·         elasticity of fur hairs: they should immediately return to their original state after pressure is released. If the fur looks greasy or tangled, it indicates of low quality dressing.


It is not really difficult to choose a high quality fur coat and enjoy the comfort and warmth, you just need to follow your own taste and expert opinion.

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