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Mink Coats

Mink is favorite fur in Russia. It is durable, presentable, lightweight and warm. Mink coat has become the status item for women Mink is bred in different places of the planet, so the fur has become more affordable. You can afford buying a mink fur coat with any income level. This piece of clothing from the Royal Era has now become the part of everyday life and wardrobe.
Mink coat is the best-selling fur item in Russia. Mink fur is valuable, well-worn up to 14 seasons and warms almost like fox fur. The fur is soft, lush, silky, thick and shiny. Natural colors are various, ranging from snow-white to charcoal black. There are a lot of gray-blue and brown color shades.

Mink fur coat is a  light winter piece of clothing that does not hinder movement and press on the shoulders. The coat affects whatever you wear underneath. It makes the outfit with jeans and flats shoes quiet elegant and complements the cocktail dress. Proper mink coat also help position yourself as you want it. The right choice of mink coat also helps to style yourself as you wish.

Mink types

Mink can be classified according to two criteria: the place of breeding and type. American and European species are used in fur coat production. American mink is big, has dark, shaggy and lush fur. European mink is smaller, its fur is smooth and gentle. Mink is bread in different countries: Russia, Greec, Skandinavia, Finland, Canada,the U.S.A. and others. American mink was the original one to be bread.

Everything can be made out of mink: women's coats, jackets, palantines, capes, collars, gorgets and even luxurious bedspreads. You can find a wide variety of fur coat models by visiting our online-shop. There are long and short coats, close-fitting and straight, with short, standard or slotted sleeves, with hoods or english collars. ELENA FURS factory has been manufacturing and selling mink fur coats for 25 years already. It’s one of our main specializations. We’ve made mink coats from both Russian, European, American and North-American mink.

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