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Marten fur coats

Chic, glowing and soft marten fur is highly valued for its beauty and durability. Marten fur coats are of the same high quality as sable fur coats. They are also light, durable and silky but they are way more affordable than their prestigious analogues, which cost at least twice as marten fur coats.

Marten fur looks very similar to the Russian sable, the marten is often called as its Canadian variant. In fact, these animals belong to the same species along with the fisher. Marten fur coats are differentiated according to the origin of fur. Usually fur coats are manufactured from the fur of the American marten which can be found in Alaska, Canada and Northern America. But there are also many other species, such as the American marten, European pine marten, Beech marten, Japanese marten, fisher, sable and yellow-throated marten.

A marten fur coat is a nice and smart investment. To invest your money into the wardrobe is a very reasonable decision, since furs have been considered valuable for many centuries. Marten fur has been used as the currency equivalent all throughout the history of fur trade. As the type of currency, it was called ‘kun’ in Russia.

Photos of the marten fur coats can be found on our official site ELENAFURS. You can buy a marten fur coat in our online store just in two steps. Add the chosen article into the basket and put your telephone number into the appeared window and our operator will call you.

The designers of ELENAFURS always make sure that our collections include classic designs and ultrafashionable trends. Marten fur looks fabulous itself but combined with python skin it turns into the luxury. This fur suits any garment, whether it be short jackets, long fur coats or slim-waist vests.

Don’t forget that only high-quality fur can be durable. The properly processed pelts of marten will last up to eight years. While choosing a marten fur coat, pay attention to the reputation of the manufacturer and the customer’s feedback. To learn how to choose the right type of fur, stay tuned for news on our official pages in social networks and our site. We will teach you not only how to choose a marten fur coat but also how to take care of the wet fur, how to keep the garment during the winter and give you many other useful tips.

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