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Long mink fur coat: elegant classics

Long mink coat is a status thing emphasizing solvency of the owner and her provision in society. Considering fur cost, long fur coats from a mink in Moscow is the choice of adult self-sufficient women knowing the own worth. The shortened fur coat models, and also a coat and jackets from a mink are usually chosen by young girls and those who spend much time driving. Anyway, the wide choice of colors, styles and sizes of long fur coats allow to buy a product which is suitable for you.

A long mink coat as any other outwear, regularly keeps heat, reliably protects from frost and the penetrating wind. Having put on a long mink fur coat, a woman feels like a queen who is confident in her strength and beauty. The direct silhouette looks well on a figure, slims and improves a shape.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of a long mink fur coat is its increased ability to preserve heat. However it is impossible to forget that the long fur coat demands more time and strength on caring of fur. The bottom of a product is strongly subject to attrition therefore it is not recommended to wear such a model daily. Before buying a long  mink fur coat, it is necessary to examine the quality of fur very attentively to understand if  it is steady against wear. It is important to choose a fur coat of the suitable size which will not hold down movements.

It is necessary to pay attention to fur color as models of light shades or white color can be soiled after the first exit to the street during snow or slush. The darker the color is, the pollution is less visible and this will prolong the total period of service of a product. It is also necessary to select a suitable  model for your shape. Long mink coats are not suitable for small women and also for ladies with curvaceous  shapes. This model is capable to emphasize these features of a shape, to present them in a non-profitable look. 

What to wear with a long mink coat?

The long mink coat is ideally combined with a solemn dress, everything that is required from an evening dress, e.g. beauty, elegance, unique style. High heels and gold jewelry (several golden rings, a ring of the large size or a bracelet from precious metal) will harmoniously accomplish the image of the queen of evening.

In everyday life stylish mink berets, hats and caps of the same tone will suit such a fur coat. The boots which are combined on color, ties and a handbag can be leather or made of suede. Accessories of brown color suit red mink, the white ones suit blue mink fur. 

Fashionable styles

Modern designers offer a wide choice of colors, sizes and styles of the fur coats which are capable to decorate its owner:

· trapezoid is suitable (coat) for any type of a shape;

· the leader of podiums – Chanel, a model with sleeves "three quarters" and a stand-up collar;

· The A-style can be with a belt or without, popular model thanks to the universality;

· the fur coat has regular fit, a hood and a belt.

However in case of the choice of a fur coat it is necessary to be guided, first of all, by own preferences and by good fitting of the product. Fashionable tendencies change very quickly, and a fur coat is not  an item just for one year. Taste, sense of style and common sense will help you to make the right choice. 

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