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Llama fur — exotic beauty

Llama is exotic animal for European and Asian countries. Its fur looks uncommon and even a bit queer, but that is a perfect choice for women who’d like to destroy brick-and-mortar fashion traditions.

Lama fur looks like sheepskin, but it is much more attractive. Such coat is comfortable, easy to care and very durable. You don’t have to buy expensive treatment to care for it or to keep the coat in special refrigerator during summertime. It needs only brush and simple dry cleaning if necessary — and that’s all.

The lama's fur is not afraid of rain or wet snow. On the other hand, moisture affects it in a positive way, wet hair spins into tight, pretty spirals. Cloth made from lama does not cause allergy and smells really good.

What are the colors of llama?

The huge variations of natural colors are one of the main features of llama coat. There are lots of colors from white to black, all shades of grey, beige, gold and brown. You can even find gorgeous marble tints. Despite the natural richness of colors, designers paint llama’s hair in the most incredible shades: green, red, blue, purple and many others. If coloring is done right, it does not harm the fur and does not reduce its qualities.

Llama fashion — how does it feel?

Lama coat is volumetric, and this feature imposes some limitations on the model range. It is often combined with skin, suede, or other short-haired fur (rabbit, goat, mutton), which allows to create a beautiful things with a clear structure of fur.

In addition to this, llamas are popular in the manufacture of jackets, sheepskin garments, they are often used in collars, sleeves, and waistbands.

But designers also produce fur jackets, made entirely of llama. They are usually short, above the knees, straight style products. The volume in such coats is accented on the top part: a breast or a collar. Models with a ¾ sleeves look entirely great.

Fur coats from a sheared lama are another way out of the framework of a long hair. After shearing we get a velvety soft surface, which resembles a mouton. The heat-insulating qualities of such garment, of course, will be slightly lower than usual.

Lama coats and jackets are gaining popularity now, but it’s still exotic. Try it by yourself, and you will be completely satisfied. This does not raise any doubts, indeed.

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