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What types of mink hats can you find in stores?

Mink hats have been in style for many years. If you ever decide to buy a mink hat, you can be sure that you will always be in the focus of attention. The product range offered by modern stores boasts of a striking number of designer solutions and a variety of shades. Mink hats can make ladies feel really good, serving as modern accessories that complement the look and will never go out of style. Besides, a mink hat will keep your head perfectly warm even in the most severe frost.

As you can see in the photo, shiny and sleek fur is an attribute of mink hats. It is silky and soft to the touch. Such hats do not feel heavy on the head, they are very lightweight. You do not need to worry if you get caught in snow or rain, mink fur is naturally repellent of water. At the same time mink hats remain a symbol of luxury, prestige and status.

Before you buy a mink hat, you should pay attention to the quality of the fur and its price. A high-quality item cannot be cheap. If you come across a lady's mink hat which costs much less than average, you should be very careful. Perhaps the product is already shopworn, which means that the life expectancy of such headwear will be much lower.

Classification of mink fur hats

You can find both soft and stiff felt based mink hats in online stores. Some of them have peaks, ear flaps, and other decorative elements. Certain models are equipped with a cinch up strap for size adjustment. You can reduce the size of your headwear using a simple ribbon. There are fur berets that sit tight on the head and keep you really warm.

Before you buy a mink hat, pay attention to both the quality of the item and to how well it suits you.

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