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Where are Greek fur coats produced?

The popularity of fur coat tours to Greece is increasing every year. Today, furs are not produced in Greece; all materials for fur coat production are bought at American auctions.

Kastoria is the fur capital of Europe

Kastoria can boast the biggest number of fur coat factories. Frosty mountain climate of that place has affected the development of the fur coat production industry. There are over two thousand fur coat factories in that small town. Ordinary tourists are simply unable to visit them all. Draw up your itinerary before you set off for Greece, or have it drawn up for you by a travel agent.

Fur coats from Greece. Tours to Athens

Quality mink coats are sold on literally all the tourist streets of the town. Most of the outfits are produced in Kastoria. However, in Athens, the prices for fur coats are 30-50% higher than in factory stores. Therefore, if the purpose of your trip to Greece is buying a fur coat, better avoid Athens.

Here the price is set considering the cultural and leisure activities of the ancient city. As a rule, tourists visit Athens to enjoy a quality pastime, which means they have to pay extra when they are shopping.

Paralia Katerinis. Shopping and recreation in Greek style 

Paralia Katerinis is a small resort town with nearly no fur production. However, there are hundreds of specialist stores where one can buy a fur coat. The range of outwear is not as wide as in Kastoria. But in a seaside town, one can also visit various tourist attractions and relax on the beach.

Paralia is the birthplace of dark fur coats

Most fur coats here are of dark shades. If you would like to buy a fur coat of a lighter shade, or a coat made of exotic furs, head off to Kastoria.

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