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Coats made of natural furs

Most women would love to have a fur coat because it emphasizes the beauty of its owner and gives them a touch of elegance and charm. What is more, a fur coat is an indicator of social status and position in society. The online women's fur coat store in Moscow offers a large selection of fur outerwear. Clients can choose from a wide range of various furs, different colors and styles, and the prices are quite low due to direct supply from the manufacturer.

The online store directory of fur coats will help you navigate through the diversity of models and learn the preliminary prices for your favorite items. Tastes and needs differ. Someone dreams of wrapping themselves up in a long warm fur coat which can protect them from severe frost, while someone else needs a cozy short fur coat for comfortable car trips. Women's fur coats in the catalogue vary in size, style, and color.

How to evaluate the quality of fur coats

Before you buy a fur coat made of natural fur in Moscow, you should learn how to assess its quality:

1. A fur coat made of high-quality dressed skins should not have any unpleasant smells. Modern production technologies enable manufacturers to eliminate this problem.

2. The quality of fur. It should be dense, shiny and elastic. If you lightly pinch the fur coat and make a pulling motion, there should be no hairs left in your hand. If the coat is of good quality, flattened fur immediately returns to its initial state.

3. The quality of dyeing. If the coat was dyed according to standard technologies, its color will not fade in snowy or rainy weather. To check the quality of dyeing, run a slightly damp white cloth down the fur. If there are no traces left, there is nothing to worry about, all standards are met. Designers choose the appropriate dyeing method for each specific model:

·    tinting:  the fur is slightly tinted to give it a lighter shade and luster;

·    decolorizing is done before dyeing the fur bright colors;

·    full color treatment creates a homogeneous tint with a beautiful sheen on the whole surface of the fur coat;

·    multilayered dyeing is the most popular. Different technologies are used for this purpose: stencils, frost effect, gilding. Designers' fantasy is boundless and helps them create unique patterns.

4. The quality of the lining is essential for durability of outwear.

5. Accessories should emphasize the high cost of the fur and be a worthy decoration for it.

Which model is the best

One cannot state that a certain model is better than the others. Before making a purchase, you should determine the purpose of the outwear. For example, a long fur coat is not a good choice for active time out with children or driving a car. For these purposes you should opt for a shorter model. A sweeping coat is a better choice for evening events, relaxed winter walks and participating in car trips as a passenger.

If we talk about the type of fur, beaver fur, mouton, nutria, mink, astrakhan are still at the peak of popularity, because they are practical, warm, beautiful and durable. Several types of fur are often combined, which makes the fur coat truly exclusive. The choice is up to you!

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