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Women drivers’ fur coats

It is a must-have for an active woman. Such fur coats are comfortable, do not hinder your movements and they do not wear out from long sitting. Our specialists devised this design for women drivers but we will also explain why they can be convenient not only for driving. First, let’s point out the difference between women drivers’ garments from other fur outerwear.


Designs of women drivers’ fur coats

These fur coats are no longer than 60 cm with full spacious sleeves or ¾ sleeves of relaxed fit. A too baggy sleeve might prevent your movements while driving clinging to the clutch. A tight sleeve might not allow you to reach the back seat in order to check your baby while a long fur coat might get dirty from the dirt clung onto the car doors. To avoid all of the above, women choose a design reminding a fur jacket. The advantages for women drivers’ are obvious since such a fur coat allows one to steer without any risk of tearing and leave the car without making your fur coat dirty.


Mink fur coats for women drivers

Mink is the most favorite fur in Russia; therefore, the most popular designs of ELENA FURS are made from mink. Mink fur coats for women drivers are fit for driving since mink is not too fluffy and its guard hair is not too long. Therefore, no signs of long sitting will be left on the fur coat. Mink is light, that’s why it won’t put any additional pressure onto your shoulders while driving. Being light and breathing, mink is a favorite material among women drivers.

Hooded fur coats are also popular. You don’t have to worry about wearing a hat since you can put on a light hood while leaving the car. It won’t spoil or electrify your hair, it is impossible to lose and what is more important it is easy to put on without looking in the mirror. Hooded fur coat is the best option for a driving woman. Mink fur is very thick and dense, that’s why it won’t be getting into your eyes and won’t cause allergy.


Women drivers’ fur coats are convenient not only for drivers

First of all, while working on the design of these fur coats, our designers made sure that they were comfortable for active women drivers but these designs might be perfect for women who do not drive.

Public transport is not the best place for long fur coats. Someone might accidently step on the hem of your fur coat, baggy sleeves might prevent your movements while you are trying to reach a turnstile and tight cut might hinder your movements while going up or down the stairs. It might be uncomfortable to lean down while walking with your child if your fur coat is too tight; baggy sleeves might prevent you from reaching the pram. That’s why we ask all the active ladies to pay their attention to these mink designs, especially if life is full of constant commutes on public transportation and walking.


Women drivers’ fur coat. Photo.

ELENA FURS is renowned for its wide range of designs and types of fur, that’s why we have whole collections of sable, fox, raccoon and mink fur coats for women drivers. The range of fur jackets is not limited to the listed types, we constantly add something new. You can find prices and photos of women drivers’ fur coats on our site. Make your order on our site or find the nearest store and try it on there. You can contact our call-centre if you want to know if the fur coat is available in the nearest store.

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