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A fur wrap will complete your long dress and be a luxurious detail of your every day look. You can buy a fur wrap in the stores of ELENAFURS and our online store on the official site.

By ‘wraps’ we can refer to narrow scarves and even something reminding such outerwear as poncho.  Wraps can include boa, scarves, headscarves, pelerines, muffs, tippets, neckpieces, shawls and poncho. All these details of a woman’s wardrobe are made of fur. Most of all, wraps are manufactured from raccoon, lynx and fox fur.

Fur bolero

A beautiful dance of the same name gave us a shortened jacket which leaves the waist open.  This unusual element of wardrobe was produced from the bright fabrics decorated with embroidery. Today a fur bolero is worn as an addition to the evening and wedding gowns. The classic combination is a fur wrap on the evening dress which will make your figure look perfect making your silhouette slimmer and taller. For example, a wedding lynx fur bolero will make a plain dress look splendid and complete. But don’t limit yourself to wearing a fur bolero only for nights out, since it might look perfectly well combined with casual clothes and cocktail dresses. We offer you raccoon, mink, sable, fox, lynx and badger fur bolero.


Fur poncho

Today we wear an altered variant of the Latin American poncho which was made famous by conquistadors. European nations started to wear a quadrangle piece of fabric in a new way, as a fur wrap or woolen outer garment. But no matter what material is used for the poncho, an opening for the head and arms still stay in place. The best feature of the fur poncho is that it can be worn as a separate outer garment as well as a fur wrap. There are plenty of variations, e.g. our designers have created an elegant karakul poncho. This elegant fur wrap will make your look even more fabulous.

Fur tippet

Wide and long scarf (1,5m*2m) made of thick fabric which reminds a little blanket is called a fur tippet. Originally, Russian designers produced fur or woolen tippets. Now this item of wardrobe is produced from viscose and acryl as well as from such natural fabrics as silk, flax, cotton, etc. Fur tippets make up a separate category, the most popular of which is a mink fur tippet. This is a beautiful soft and warm accessory which is both suitable as an ornament in the theatre and heat-saving garment in the park.

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