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Russian style

Everything new is well forgotten old. This rule applies to all spheres of life, but especially to fashion. Floral and geometrical ornaments were the main elements in russian fashion style, which was created 5 centuries ago. And now russian style is back. It gains in popularity faster than ever before. But that’s not all.

International community associate Russia with cold and inclement weather. It’s kind of true. Russians are in love with fur indeed, so modern designers have tried to unite fur and russian style. The result surpassed all expectations. We’ve got series of stylish and comfortable garment, which become popular not only in Russia, but also abroad.

Special attention was paid to russia fur style after Yves Saint Laurent’s fashion show in 1976. This caused a real revolution in the fur market. Such connection of elements that at first sight cannot be connected provides a huge success and becomes the new fashion trend.

Fur in russian style — what’s special?

     Ethnic ornaments are perfectly connected with fur in jackets, coats and vests. Many-colored insets on sleeves and hems look stylish and unusual. Such ornaments emphasize natural beauty of fur and combine especially well with fox, arctic fox and sable.

     You can also try to wear unique shawl made from fur and painted with russian ornaments. It’s kind of cloak which is draped around shoulders. Such element of clothing fully shows the high status of lady who wears it. Few centuries ago russian shawls were worn only by aristocrats, but now they are available to everyone.

     Embroidery is made from special threads, which are strong enough and wear-resistant. They don’t rush, don’t tear and remain soft. By the way, ornaments don’t loose their color with the passage of time.

     The most popular colors in russia fur style are red, blue, white and black. But there are hundreds of design patterns, each of which has its own history and sacral meaning. Actually, such shawls or jackets are powerful warding amulets. That’s a large part of slavs’ history, and you are able to touch and feel it right now.

Choose your furry happiness

The “Elena Furs” factory strongly supports the popularization of the Russian style. A new collection of fox vests and shawls perfectly fits the concept of it: natural fur, leather edging, fabric inserts with floral designs, made on Slavic motifs. Choose the one you like and buy it just in few clicks.

You can pay for the purchase online with convenient payment systems. Try vests and shawls with slavic ornaments and appreciate all the benefits of them. Feel yourself comfortable and beautiful with “Elena furs”. 

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