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Why fur jackets?

It is better to feel comfortable, have an appealing look and shine with happiness all year long, not only during the warm seasons. In order to avoid the look spoiled by heavy sheepskin coats and shapeless down-padded coats and the cold of textile short coats, women put on warm and light fur jackets. It is better to buy a fur jacket before the harsh frost so you wouldn’t have to shiver with cold when temperature drops to -10C. As soon as you put on this spectacular fur, smile will come back to your face.

You’ll fall in love with fur for its light weight, beauty and emotions that you experience while trying it on as many other loyal fur lovers. As soon as you try a mink jacket on, you will realize that you don’t want to take it off because it creates an attractive look of confidence and success. Each type of fur can be intended for different moods, e.g. a lynx jacket is intended for an extravagant mood, a rabbit jacket might be suitable for a nice weekend with your friends while a mink jacket will be perfect for busy working days. Whether you like to be exceptional or prefer classic designs, the magic of fur will charm you.

What fur a jacket can be made of?

The popular designs of the jackets are created from 20 main types of fur. Mink, mouton, beaver and sable are the most famous and demanded ones. Though, in the creation of fur jackets and coats, designers do not use only these popular materials. The demand for fur has been created by an increasing interest and an essentially new way of processing. The example of such a revival is karakul and karakulcha which have made their comeback to the runways. The elegant designs can’t do without these materials. The example of a new technology is astragan, the type of mouton of the best processing, which producers use in the manufacturing of coats and jackets for the same reason they use the karakul. Except for a particular fur, there is a variety of sawing techniques used, e.g. a knitted mink jacket. More information about how fur coats are produced.

Design can vary even more than types of fur. Fur coats may be short and long; from coats with a hood to knitted minks jackets, from fashionable fur jackets to fur blazers. There are about one hundred designs on our site and even more can be found in our stores.

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