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Fashionable mink coats

If you are tired of classic fur coats and convinced that fur should be fashionable, the collection ‘Mink. A stylist’s choice’ is what you need. With the mixture of various furs, asymmetric details, unusual collars and slim-waisted designs, the fashion experts of ELENA FURS created the most extraordinary mink fur coats. This collection has ethnic themes, runway trends and eccentric details. All fashionable mink fur coats are suitable for everyday life.

Our team consists of renowned Italian designers who are collaborating with the largest fashion brands and aspiring talented Russian designers who are bringing new creative ideas. Their collaboration and diverse creative thoughts make ELENA FURS garments truly unique.

In this section you can find the most outstanding new designs of 2016 mink collection. Our designers found a way how to combine ethnic themes, mink fur coats and fashionable designs. This short mink and karakul fur coat reminding an oriental outerwear evokes associations with fairytales even though it looks sharp and reserved. Smooth shiny mink is used as the main material with karakul for edging. We believe that fashionable mink fur coats should look interesting while being suitable for everyday city look at the same time. For example, this black karakul and char black mink fur coat is a combination of karakul décor and crosscut mink stripes with a reserved flat collar and concealed leather belt. The elements sawn from two furs alternate in inversed manner. The fur coat is fastened with overlap which creates an additional asymmetry. This design has been endorsed by our stylists for its extravagancy and simultaneous elegancy.

Fashionable mink fur coats of 2016 collection include combinations of furs of different texture and volume as well as distinctive designer’s elements which liven up the classic designs. The manifestation of this concept can be seen in this straight cut fur coat with a notable collar reminding a sea shell or in these fashionable colorful mink fur coats with notable tints.

If this collection doesn’t have what you want, you can always filter the needed parameters such as type of garment, type of material, size, length, color, manufacturing country, decoration and type of collar.  

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