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Fur was not always the symbol of style and status. Initially the first men used fur for clothing, at that time it was a necessity. In time this piece of clothing took on traditional religious and status significance. Fur coats became the organic part of various wedding rites in wintry weather countries. The furs of great worth were available for royal families only, so common people oftentimes got severely punished for wearing it. Nomads and merchants used fur as currency during swapping.  Nowadays fur coat has evolved into simply beautiful and prestigious outerwear. Because what else can warm you better than heat given by the Nature?

Russia is one of such cold countries. The first coats in their modern sense originated here. The origin of the word "coat", or "shuba" in Russian, is connected, strangely enough, with the south. Anciently caftans made with sables and martens were very fashionable among the Arabs in the old days. This garment was called "Jubbah ". Later on it turned into “shuba” in Russian transcription.

In Russia in 17-18 centuries only the wealthy wore fur coats, merchants and boyars. Owning a shuba was considered as an indicator of social status and wealth. Moreover, the more fur coats, the nobler its owner. Some of the wealthy were even wearing two or three fur coats at ones, and not only during winter. The common man could afford a sheepskin or hareskin coat at best.

People used to wear fur coats with the furry side in, like a sheepskin coat. For a long period of time during snowfalls in Russia fur coat owners used to throw scarfs on top of their fur coats. Only recently they started to wear this trendy piece of clothing with the fur facing outside.

Today fur coats are beautiful, warm and comfortable clothes. Every woman can wear high quality fur coat without referencing too much to her budget. Modern methods of processing skins make any fur magnificent, whether it is a mouton coat or luxurious sable. Traditionally, mink is he most popular fur. Russian women love it for its lightness, excellent wearability and beautiful fur. Sable, fox, chinchilla, beaver, rabbit and mouton are in high demand as well.

Т Due to technological progress in textile and chemical industries various models of fur coats can be produced. There are coats, short coats, jackets, capes, boleros, hats – those are only a few to mention. Girls were always fond of fur coats for their luxury, natural shine and warmth. And nowadays you can add to this the saturation of colors, pattern effects, different lengths of fur and a lot of prints and simulations. It is impossible to resist the temptation!


You can look through the catalogue of fur coats from the manufacturer with prices and photos on our website. Buying a fur coat from our fur factory, you get guaranteed quality without paying extra money to resellers and receive proper documentation and warranty. Italian and Russian designers are working on creation ELENA FURS collections at our own factories located in Europe and in Russia. We do our best to satisfy each client and deliver the best quality products.

We hold fur sales regularly in order for you to be able to choose the fur of your dream. In our store you can buy fur coats at a discount all year round. Choose what kind of coat will suit you right and shop online!

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