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How to choose an expensive fur coat?

Not all expensive fur coats are equally good. Sometimes old, outdated furs are reused and sold as new for unreasonably high prices. Service time of such items is significantly shorter because they have already been on display for a while. And their price can increase by several times, as clients  only see a trendy and fashionable item on sale. By law, the shop owner does not violate any regulations. But, if you decide to buy an expensive fur coat hoping to find a fashionable and durable product, pay close attention to its quality.

What to look for when buying a fur coat?

Mink fur should be of the same length on the whole surface of the coat.  The fur should not be too coarse and prickly. Move your hand against the hair. All the fur hairs should immediately return to their initial state.

Ask the seller to show you the leather under the lining. The lining in expensive coats is not fully attached to the skins. The skin should be white. If it resembles cigarette paper, or is too dry, it means that the coat is old and stretched. Such fur will start shedding in cold weather.

Avoid dyed furs. Even if you buy an expensive fur coat with dyed fur, it might get ruined in the wet snow. If you do decide to purchase a dyed item, ask the manufacturer to show you the certificates.

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