Choosing an arctic fox short fur coat

A short coat made of arctic fox fur is a luxurious product that beautifully emphasizes the body curves. This fur is famous for both its aesthetic qualities, and comfort and warmth it gives its owner. Thick fluff, which is impossible to comb through, perfectly retains heat. Especially when it comes to a hooded fur coat.

Despite the undefur density, arctic fox fur is silky, long and soft to the touch. In addition, arctic fur outerwear is notable for its durability. If you buy an arctic fox short fur coat, it will last you up to 12 seasons.

Shearing and dyeing the fur

Fur color of arctic fox is white or light gray. It is often dyed to even out the color of the pelts. After dyeing, an arctic fox coat can be of any color or tint.

Recently, arctic fox fur is not only dyed but also sheared. Sheared models last longer. This treatment gives the possibility to create differently textured surfaces. A sheared arctic fox coat will be a perfect choice for curvaceous girls, because shearing removes excess volume. Visually, arctic fox fur looks like fox fur, but it is warmer and more lightweight.

Understated short fur coats can ideally balance any outfit and look. Properly matching accessories are essential to keep you in the limelight.

How to choose an Arctic fox fur coat?

You can choose any model from an online catalogue. If you are buying a coat in a regular store, you should pay attention to the quality of fur. It should be even in texture with no bald patches. Do not worry if the fur does not have the perfect sheen. Arctic foxes have thick matte fluff which can come out on the surface. No one pays attention to this during wear. It is better to buy a short fur coat made of furs obtained in winter, they are warmer. Avoid models with a belt, because it quickly ruins the fur beneath. The leather of the coat should be soft and smooth.

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