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Rabbit hats: features and specifications

Winter hats made of Rex rabbit fur are warm, soft, delicate and comfortable. Prices for rabbit hats are relatively moderate, so these wonderful hats are gaining popularity even among most sophisticated fashionistas. Moreover, inexpensive women's rabbit hats are notable for their high quality and attractive designs.

Rex rabbit fur is distinguished for its thickness, attractive appearance and durability. Rex rabbit hairs are of the same length, so the surface of the fur is more even. Besides, it is more plush.

Regarding the durability of rabbit hats

Fur hairs should be 15-20 mm long. The outer and guard hairs are of the same length, so the fur of this rabbit breed is more durable, it is less prone to wearing down during use. In addition, this type of fur is particularly silky and sheen.

Breeding Rex rabbits is expensive, so hats made of their fur are more expensive than similar fur headwear. However, the result is worth it. Thanks to the softness and silkiness of Rex rabbit fur, it is often used to imitate simulate valuable fur-bearing animals, such as Siberian squirrel or Chinchilla.

Life expectancy of such headwear is longer. The fur does not shed in the course of time, so the fur hat will last for several seasons. The attractiveness and durability of women's hats made of Rex rabbit fur places them side by side with chinchilla and mink furs.

Rabbit hats are produced in different designs. There are models with quilted twill lining, and sometimes fur is combined with a knitted base. Some models have a cinch up strap sewn in for better fitting.

If you buy a rabbit hat, you will enjoy a gorgeous and attractive headwear. For example, there are snow white models, which in combination with the bluish-black color look classy,  understated and very stylish.

The merits of rabbit fur hats

The advantages of rabbit fur hats:

·         The material is perfect for shearing and dyeing.

·         A wide range of models. Rabbit fur is used to make ear-flapped hats, caps, and knitted headwear.

·         Dense, plush fur.

·         Fur hats match any outerwear.

·         A wide range of colors.

·         Low price. Both a business lady and even a college student can afford a hat like this.


Every year famous designers include rabbit hats in their collections thanks to the advantages of this type of fur. These hats stay in fashion for years, and will remain on the peak of popularity for many seasons.  

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