Information about furs

Information about furs

ELENA FURS uses a wide range of fur. We would like to give you a short overview and hope that it will help you to make a right choice. 

The most valued fur garments are made from sable, Kamchatka beaver, otter, chinchilla, mink, karakulcha, karakul, ermine, lynx, silver fox, red fox, marten, white and blue Arctic fox, raccoon. Less valued fur garments are made from squirrel, sheepskin, Siberian weasel, muskrat, nutria, rabbit, ferret, marmot, gopher, colt and goat.

Usually we distinguish between peltry ware, the pelts of fur animals, and semifinished fur products, the pelts of marine and domestic animals. Semifinished product usually is subdivided into natural (processed not dyed pelts), dyed (dyed pelts), sheared (fur is cut with a special fur-cutting machine and then sheared), topped and sheared, (thick guard hair is cut at the roots with a special fur-cutting machine and then sheared) and plucked (guard hair is plucked). Pelts are dyed to improve fur color or to imitate more expensive fur types. (e.g., rabbit dyed as chinchilla, gopher as mink). Dyeing doesn’t affect durability of the garment.

Furs are valued for their heat-saving properties, durability and their aesthetic qualities. In terms of heat-saving properties, we can distinguish between 5 following groups of furs: Group one includes mink (the warmest); group two includes fox, sable, beaver, marten, raccoon, sheepskin; group three includes squirrel, otter, Siberian weasel, mink, otter, rabbit, karakul, nutria, lynx; group four includes ermine, marmot, ferret; group five includes gopher, karakulcha, colt.

In terms of durability, the most durable types of fur are Kamchatka beaver and otter. If we take the wearability of the otter as 100%, the indices for other types of fur would look in the following way:

Otter 100
Seal 95
Sable 80
Mink 70
Arctic fox 65
Raccoon 64
Karakul 60
Sheepskin 60
Marten 55
Fox 50
Lynx 40
Karakulcha 40
Ferret 35
Squirrel 30
Marmot 27
Siberian weasel 25
Ermine 25
Colt 25
Goatling 23
Gopher 22
Chinchilla 12
Rabbit 12


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