History of fur in Russia

History of fur in Russia

Норка в России

From time immemorial Russia has been world widely known for its furs. Furs were exported far abroad; the foreign merchants couldn’t stop marveling at the beauty and preciousness of Russian furs. Fur range was extremely diverse and processing was impeccable. Ermine, fox, sable, marten and squirrel fur coats were sewn for the rich. Hare and beaver fur coats were sewn for the poorer ones.

According to the famous historian V. О. Kluchevskyi, ‘Sable furs were valued depending on their density, intensity of black, length of fur and the time when the animal was caught. In the 17th century, some sable furs cost over 100 rubles in Moscow, the cheapest one could cost one ruble. Black fox fur coats were highly valued. Women wore domestic cat fur coats. Beaver was usually used in the trimming. Warm mink was used for fur coats intended for long trips in the winter time’.

Продажа шкур на Руси


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