Maintenance and storage of fur coats

Maintenance of fur isn’t complicated but and if you follow several simpe rules, your garment will last longer and keep its original beauty. After taking the garment off, shake it up to remove snow, rain or dust and to smooth crumpled fur out. Coats and jackets should be placed onto the hangers, so fur will dry evenly and the garment won’t lose its shape. Wet fur shouldn’t be dried near radiators or heaters.

It’s better to store fur garments at lower temperatures. If room temperature is too high, leather becomes hard and loses its flexibility. Relative humidity should be normal about 50 — 60%. If humidity is too high, fabric becomes too wet and loses flexibility. If humidity is too low leather dries up and becomes too thick.

White garments should be kept in special dark casings in order to prevent them from turning yellow. Coats, jackets and boas in casings should be hung.

Cleaning and repair of fur garments should be conducted in special dry-cleaner’s and tailoring shops. Improper repair and cleaning done on your own can lead to irreparable state.

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